About Us:

We are the Droubays! (Dallin, Maren, Hudson, Henry, Emmie & Max!)

We are a family of six, with four little dreamers who keep us on our toes. Our family loves exploring Disneyland and making it our playground. We also love the great outdoors and traveling anywhere together. Whether it's hiking, camping, riding rollercoasters, or exploring new cities, we believe that these experiences are vital to creating magic for our children, and always try to live life adventurously!

As parents, we found it challenging to find bags that could keep up with our kids' active lifestyles. One day our little boy Hudson asked if HE could have a cross-body bag like us, but that better fit his needs. We wanted something that was durable, functional, and designed specifically for kids. So we worked together with him and created our own line of bags that could supplement all of our adventures and yours!

We love to share tips, traditions and memories of Disneyland online at @happiestkidsonearth, and we hope you will come and connect with us there!

Our Little Designers

(from left to right)

Henry (6), Emmie (4), Hudson (7) and Max (1) are creative, adventurous, imaginative and passionate about Disneyland.

Henry is a thril-seeker, Emmie is a character-chaser, Hudson is our future imagineer, and Max is the happiest baby who is always down for a good churro.

These little ones have been involved every step of the way in the creation of this business and can't wait to create more products for other kids to enjoy!

MS Mama

In 2020, Maren (our mama) was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. MS is a degenerative, incurable disease, and everyday we hope and pray for a cure. An MS diagnosis has been a blessing because it has caused us to truly live every moment to the fullest, but we are hoping a cure can be found sooner than later! We will be donating a portion of all sales to MS research in hopes of speeding that along!